Laura Lasala


online courses soon.. in English, spanish and arabic .


Aerial yoga teacher trainer by yoga alliance international


Dubai based.

About online aerial yoga courses

Laura Lasala DECIDED TO TRY YOGA and pilates  AS EARLY AS 2014 . THAT HAPPENED RIGHT AFTER having a several lower back problems, now, after 8 years teaching aerial yoga, aerial fitness, aerial4kids and bungee fitness in suspension, decided to create one of the most complete teacher trainings online.

what are you going to learn? why online yoga courses? im not offline , ill be supporting you !! online courses has a lot of benefits, you will never loose the contect, you can repeat the seasons you can ask me anytime, you can do it!! what will you learn?

In the training courses you will learn:

from regenerative aerial yoga to the most intense and complex aerial yoga postures with less support for amazing !! abdominal work, core control, we have several modules such as aerial yoga level 1 and 2,

-you will learn a course endorsed by yoga alliance in continuous training, more than 300 postures and explanatory videos on how to do the postures so that you teach your students correctly,

-you will learn the benefits and contraindications of the poses and why we do those postures in those positions, the aerial yoga formations are for you to  Teach your student well to place the silk or hammock,and  to do the postures correctly and have your students look at you all the time.

-You will learn in this training what a dynamic training is, you will create your own classes in your own way and you will be a unique teacher in your city.