More about streching with aerial yoga

welcome to the world upside down!

we want to tell you more about aerial yoga

Aerial yoga is fun, committed and healthy, but we want to tell you more about the technique, where it came about, how it all started, the research talks about a physiotherapist who began suspending his patients to improve their pathologies.

Aerial yoga or suspension yoga, stretches and unlocks the axial area of the body, trying to give more space between vertebra and vertebra, thus releasing the pressure between the discs, in addition the flexibility worked in air favors the prevention of injuries.

Asanas after asanas, we try to make the back, upper lower torso and joints more flexible.

How it all started...

Through pathologies with oneself, it is learned that all work requires a commitment with oneself and with their environment, we are always looking for personal improvement and motivating, from there this journey began with aerial yoga, fintess, nutrition, training and work. 




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